Instructor: Jacob Lindahl
Office Hours: Email me and we can set something up!
Course Website:
Discord: #web3-ttt on the BAF Discord (free BAF membership required for access)
Cohort: #1
Course Meetings: 6-7PM Pacific, Mondays & Wednesdays, June 21–July 28
Recordings: The sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be made available on a best-effort basis (check this website for updates).


Are you…

  • Passionate about learning about blockchain?
  • Willing to share this knowledge with other people?
  • Ready to learn?

Required technical skills:

  • Some experience programming in any general-purpose programming language
  • Familiarity with basic data structures (maps, sets, linked lists, arrays)
  • Comfortable with the command line

Preferred experience:

  • Some web development experience (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). React.js experience is a plus.
  • Basic understanding of Internet-related security concepts such as XSS & injection attacks, public-key cryptography
  • Traded cryptocurrency on an exchange


You will…

  • Have a good handle on the essentials of how the Ethereum blockchain works.
  • Be able to write and deploy smart contracts to the testnet.
  • Be prepared to share what you have learned with others.
  • Receive a certificate of completion NFT.

Activities include…

  • Writing a dapp of your own for the course project.
  • Presenting what you have learned back to the class.
  • Creating your own educational materials to use in your own workshop.


This course is entirely remote. This course consists of one intro session, ten sessions of regular instruction, and a demo/guest speaker session for a total of twelve meetings. Synchronous class meetings will occur twice per week for six weeks, consisting of approximately 0.5 hours of instruction and 0.5 hours of activity each.

Student work in this course will be reviewed, but not graded, and the certificate of completion is not awarded contingent on any level of performance.

This course is not slow-moving. It starts with the basics but will be moving quickly.

Lessons will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.


Students will complete a web3 project during this course. The planning for this project should start during topic 2, and project development should continue until topic 6, when the project should be ready for deployment and presentation before the class.

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