Lesson Plan

This is a “Teacher Training Track,” so the structure of each session might be a little unique.

Note that it may take more than one class meeting to go through all of the material in some of the sections. Since this course is still in early development, the schedule is still being developed.

Before each session


Read the relevant section of the course material on the website.

Topical Micro-presentation

Choose at least one topic that interests you from the section and do a little bit of independent research on it. Prepare a small presentation (not necessary to exceed two minutes) covering the topic in more detail than it was presented in the course material. As part of the session you may be asked to share this presentation.

The goal of this exercise is to strengthen the skills of teaching and material preparation, as well as public speaking (albeit remotely).

The presentation you prepare could be in the form of slides (e.g. PowerPoint), a written document (e.g. blog post), a demonstration or example, etc. It is up to you to decide: what is easiest for you to prepare and distribute, what is easiest for you to present clearly and effectively, and how to best make the presentation reusable.

The presentation should be reusable so that at the end of the course you havea set of custom-made educational materials that involve every section in this course, and that you can use in your own workshops.


Throughout the course, you will develop a fully-functional dapp and deploy it on a testnet. Most sections have a Project Status Update header under which are instructions for what you should be working on. These updates are merely guidelines: nothing about the project is “due” until demo day.

For convenience in demonstrations and getting help, please maintain your project on GitHub.

Whether you work on the project with another participant is completely up to you. If you don’t think you will be able to complete it by yourself due to time constraints, by all means team up. However, you will probably learn more thoroughly if you try to build it by yourself.

During each session

Material presentation

Each session will begin with a review of the material and exercises and a demonstration of any steps included.

Topical micro-presentations

A selection of students will deliver their deep-dive presentations on a specific subject of their choosing.

Project update

Ask questions and get help on your project or demonstrate something cool you did.